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“Decisions about women’s reproductive health are personal. Period”. - Marcia Greenberger.

Women and girls the world over are excessively affected by restrictions on their sexual and reproductive rights. In India too, young women and adolescent girls from all backgrounds are most affected due to the inequality and discrimination they face, preventing them from accessing sexual and reproductive health information and services they must receive. This is a significant barrier for many young women in their lives.

Everyone has the right to have access to quality, comprehensive, and integrated sexuality education and information. All women have the right to accessible, affordable and adequate health care that takes into account their cultural needs. They have the right to access health care without discrimination. They have the right to health care that responds to their particular needs as women.

Access to reproductive health information is part and parcel to the universal right to the highest attainable standard of health. Yet, because these services are basic care only for women and girls, their protection requires special attention.

Each and every woman, young or old, educated or not, urban or rural has the right to:

  • Make decisions about her own health
  • Ask for and receive information about health services
  • Access family planning and contraception
  • Maternal health care
  • Assistance in childcare and protection

The live safe campaign will address the very issues that make information inaccessibility a deterrent in healthy and fulfilling life of girls and women.