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The Working Women’s Network is an initiative to provide a definition to working woman in India. In spite of the huge contribution to the country’s economy working women in India are lesser recognised as a work force. With approximately 26% of rural workforce and 13% of urban workforce women are an estimated 30% of all economically active individuals in India.

The Working Women’s Network intends to create a constituency of this collective force. The Network aims to:The Working Women’s Network intends to create a constituency of this collective force. The Network aims to:

  1. Enumerate the challenges of working women
  2. Build conducive tools to develop red ressal mechanisms for issues of working women
  3. Carry out advocacy for young girls and students to take up financial independence as an essential choice
  4. Enable the female workforce to contribute for emancipation of lesser privileged women by opening relevant channels
  5. Conduct periodic research interventions on the status of working women

The wowonet is a place for women to come together and make a difference to their own lives, and one another’s. As the network grows our collective intellect and skills grow. As a group we target our problems, our concerns. As our group we share and celebrate our success and our existence. As a group we raise our voice, demand our right to be heard and our opinions to matter. We come together to celebrate, advocate, learn, teach, grow and progress.

The network team will take multiple initiatives to reach our goal of economic independence for all women in the form of advocacy programmes, social campaigns, debates and dialogues.

Wowonet is a project of SIKSHA a non-government organization, focusing on empowerment of the underprivileged section of the society. It also helps in the study and dissemination of knowledge in various forms, SIKSHA explores how knowledge is produced, used and interpreted within and across different contexts, channels, and cultures.

SIKSHA prides itself at its ability to delve deeply into the basic needs of our society. SIKSHA evolves and designs unique social campaigns and strategies to catalyze change, empower individuals, strengthen communities, promote community building and create a process of public discourses and dialogues.

SIKSHA works with NGOs, UN organizations, Government organizations, communities, institutions and individuals to address their developmental and communication issues.

SIKSHA’s experience covers cultural and social interventions and the entire gamut of live media interventions for the benefit of the communities. SIKSHA emphatically uses its vast potential of social understanding as potent tools of interaction for social change and development.

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